Buying a Home with Pets

If you're a pet-owner, then your four-legged friend probably plays a pretty important role in your life. So much so, that if you're thinking of making a move, you're wondering how to keep your pet's best interests in mind—from narrowing down your options to pet-friendly homes to navigating the stresses of moving day. Whether you're wondering what features you should look for in a house or how to pet-proof your place once you move in, we're here to help!

Check out our guide to all things buying a home and moving with a pet, and give us a call if you have any questions along the way!

What Features Should You Look For?

Fenced-in Homes

If you've got a four-legged friend who likes to run off their extra energy, then a home with a fence can save you tons of time and stress.

Homes Near Park

Even pets need friends sometimes, and there's no better place to make them than a local dog park! Try narrowing your search down to homes within a short distance of dog parks.

Homes with a Safe Yard

Pets can be pretty ornery sometimes, getting into things they shouldn't. You don't want to worry every time you let your pet outside, so pick a home with a well-landscaped yard.

Acreage Homes

Have a big dog who loves to run and play? Then a home with extra space might be ideal! Luckily, there are plenty of homes around Fort Worth that provide a few extra acres to roam.

Pet-Proof Your Home


Be sure to secure any cabinets with child-proof locks, and keep cleaning supplies on a shelf or in a cabinet. Block off any hiding spaces where nervous pets might hide, and keep the toilet lid closed at all times—you're not going to want kisses from a pet who hydrates in there. And remember: if you leave food out on the counter, it might not be there when you get back.

Living Room

Make sure any wires are kept off the ground, so they don't get gnawed on. While you're at it, be sure they aren't dangling in a way that your cats won't be able to resist. Similarly, consider using some type of deterrent on your furniture so it doesn't become a scratching post. Also, while houseplants are great decoration, you'll want to make sure that they aren't harmful to your pet. 


When it comes to your bedroom, the most important thing you can do is keep things tidy. Make sure your dirty clothes and shoes are properly put away, otherwise they might get torn up or lost forever in a secret corner of your home. If you have jewelry sitting out, you might consider storing it in a cabinet or on a high shelf instead. Garbage cans should stay empty as often as possible. 

What to Do on Moving Day

Pack an Overnight Bag

Fill a small backpack or suitcase with all of your pet's essential, including food, toys, medication, grooming tools, their favorite blanket, and anything else they might need.

Keep Them Close by & Away from the Action

The hustle and bustle of moving will likely stress your pet out, so keep them in a separate space while you're packing. Once you're on the road, make sure they're in the same car as you. You should also try acclimating them to their crate beforehand! When you arrive at your new home, keep your pet secluded while you unpack things.

Check with the Vet

Notify your current vet of the move—just in case they need to prescribe your pet any anti-anxiety medication. If you're switching vets after the move, be sure to get in touch beforehand. You'll also want to update their microchip and tag information with your new address.

Let Them Settle in

Some pets will be ready to run around the house right away, and some might need some time to tentatively explore. Especially when it comes to cats, make sure you put their litter and food in a place they feel comfortable. You may even consider closing off certain rooms until they're used to the space, then opening them up later for exploration.

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